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Contractual Protections for Dealing With Cyber Attacks
Practical drafting tips and cyber attack mitigation strategies

March 11, 2014
Call in from Anywhere!
12-1:30 pm Pacific / 3-4:30 pm Eastern

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Attorneys, business executives, risk management professionals, government contract professionals, and government lawyers.

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The sheer volume of cyber-vulnerable data has increased exponentially with smart phones, proliferated data centers and mass storage. Threats related to privacy, piracy, and security follow the trail of information delivery and storage through mobile and other media. Much if not all such data is now vulnerable to cyber attacks, whether from criminals or others. As a result, technology contracting in the digital age requires an acute awareness of the vulnerability of data to cyber attacks and effective provisions guarding against post-attack liability.

This 90-minute Advanced Practice Skills TeleBriefing features expert technology and IP practitioners with substantial experience in both cybersecurity risk management and complex contractual issues. Discussions will cover strategies for drafting technology contracts to include provisions that adequately prepare corporations to respond to future cyber attacks.

As recent attacks on Target, the New York Times and other household institutions have shown, best practices for protecting against cyber attacks won't always be effective. With the likelihood of future cyber attacks on corporate targets all but inevitable, the strategic guidance provided by this TeleBriefing will be invaluable.

What You Will Learn

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

12:00 pm

Contractual Protections for Dealing With Cyber Attacks

Introduction & Overview

Walt Sapronov, Esq., Moderator
Sapronov & Associates PC / Atlanta, GA

Overview of Cybersecurity Issues

Roy E. Hadley, Esq., Partner
Thompson Hine LLP / Atlanta, GA

Issues when dealing with U.S. governmental entities

Theodore A. Wood, Esq., Partner
Parks IP Law / Atlanta, GA

1:30 pm

Q & A (for up to 30 minutes)



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Our Distinguished Panel

Walt Sapronov, partner, Sapronov & Associates, P.C., has represented clients in telecommunications transactions and regulation for over 30 years. He has been named in the "International Who's Who of Telecom Lawyers". He has represented numerous wireless carriers and in complex mergers, financing, bankruptcy and other transactions. Sapronov & Associates was recently named Communications Law Firm of the Year in Georgia by Global Legal Experts.

Roy E. Hadley, Esq., partner, Thompson Hine LLP, counsels clients worldwide on complex corporate transactions. He similarly assists clients with matters involving information security assessments, PCI compliance, data breach remediation, and risk mitigation. Mr. Hadley served as General Counsel in the wireless communications industry as well as Chief Privacy Officer of a global services company. He was recently named one of "America's Most Influential Lawyers" for 2013 and was named a "2012 Cyber Security Visionary" by BE Engineering Magazine.

Theodore A. Wood, Esq., partner, Parks IP Law, leads the firm's Grid Industry Group, where he focuses on helping innovators involved with smart grid and ensuring power grid resiliency. Mr. Wood, a retired Air Force Lt. Col., has over 30 years of communications related technical and legal experience. As a patent lawyer, he represents fortune 100 clients, in the energy, communications, and automotive industries protect and leverage innovation and ensure marketplace exclusivity. He was selected as one of LMG's Top 100 attorneys within the Cleantech industry.