Law Seminars International Presents:

A Comprehensive Two-Day Conference on Oregon's Historic

Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Legal, business, state and local implementation issues arising from the landmark SB 1547 and other legislative and regulatory initiatives

August 3 & 4, 2017

Portland, OR
Regrettably, we've had to cancel this program

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Portland - OR


Who Should Order

Attorneys, industry executives, government officials and customer representatives involved with electric energy issues

Why You Should Order

A year after the Oregon legislature passed SB1547, the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan, Oregon's energy sector continues its historic transformation. The landmark legislation has received widespread attention for requiring Oregon's two investor-owned electric utilities to phase out the use of coal-fired resources to serve Oregon retail customers by 2030 while increasing Oregon's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50 percent by 2040.

But while those two requirements of the bill captured many of the headlines last year, it is the remaining portions of the bill that continue to capture much of the attention, and focus, of the state's industry stakeholders. From community solar to transportation electrification, Oregon agencies and industry leaders have been hard at work debating the policies and preparing the rules necessary to implement the mandates of the 2016 law and related initiatives.

This conference will assess the progress to date, and what still needs to be done. It will also assess the fate of other legislative and regulatory initiatives in 2017, from transforming the Oregon Department of Energy to climate change policies. It will place the Oregon industry within the context of the Western region, as well as the nation as a whole under a new federal administration that is itself promising sweeping changes in energy policy. Finally, the conference will look beyond government policy to the other market forces that are driving change within the industry.

This conference promises to provide participants with an in-depth examination of the regulatory environment for Oregon's electric utility industry, as viewed by leading practitioners, government officials and industry leaders.

~ Derek D. Green, Esq. of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Richard H. Allan, Esq. of Marten Law PLLC, Program Co-Chairs

What You Will Learn

  • ~ The federal backdrop for Oregon state environmental and energy policy
  • ~ 2017 Oregon legislative update
  • ~ Update on implementation docket proceedings at the Oregon Public Utility Commission
  • ~ Policy priorities at the Oregon Department of Energy and Energy Facility Siting Council
  • ~ RPS mechanics: What approaches are the Oregon utilities taking?
  • ~ Clean energy standard for reducing "CO2 by Wire"
  • ~ Cost recovery issues arising from premature coal plant closures
  • ~ Perspectives on price signals and the best approach for determining resource value of solar
  • ~ Short and long term approaches to meeting Oregonís goals for electrification of transportation
  • ~ Reliability considerations for increased reliance on intermittent renewables

What Attendees Said

  • "Great mix of political, technical, legal and financial perspectives. Well-designed panels."
  • "Best conference I've attended since becoming a PUC commissioner."
  • "Another good conference that even someone w/28 yrs industry experience learned a lot from!"

Agenda Day 1

Thursday, August 03, 2017

8:00 am

Registration Opens

8:30 am

Introduction & Overview

Richard H. Allan, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Marten Law PLLC / Portland, OR

Derek D. Green, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP / Portland, OR

8:45 am

The Federal Backdrop for Oregon State Environmental and Energy Policy

Update on developments at the major federal regulatory agencies under the Trump administration and in the Congress

Eric Redman, Esq. , Senior Policy Advisor-Energy & Climate
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP / Seattle, WA

9:30 am

2017 Oregon Legislative Update

Carbon tax bills and how they interact with the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and transition away from coal by wire; other developments and insights into the political dynamics

Meredith Connolly , Oregon Policy Manager
Climate Solutions / Portland, OR

10:15 am


10:30 am

Oregon Transition Plan Implementation Update

Overview of the package of implementation docket proceedings at the Oregon Public Utility Commission

Julie Peacock , Senior Policy Advisor (inv)
Public Utility Commission of Oregon / Salem, OR

Energy planning and project siting: Current agency structure and policy priorities at the Oregon Department of Energy; Update on siting standards, processes, and policy objectives at the Energy Facility Siting Council

Richard H. Allan, Esq. , Program Co-Chair
Marten Law PLLC / Portland, OR

12:00 pm

Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm

RPS Mechanics: What Approaches are the Oregon Utilities Taking?

Pacific Power

Mary M. Wiencke, Esq. , Director, Environmental Strategy and Policy
PacifiCorp / Portland, OR

2:00 pm

Designing the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities

Pamela Morgan, Esq. , President and Principal Consultant
Graceful Systems / Lake Oswego, OR

2:45 pm


3:00 pm

A Clean Energy Standard for Western States: A Proposal to Enable the Reduction of "CO2 by Wire"

Steve Michel, Esq.
Western Resource Advocates / Santa Fe, NM

3:45 pm

The Decline of Coal in the West and Issues Arising From Premature Plant Closures

Creative approaches for reducing resistance to retirement of coal plants: Ratepayer backed bonds to enable utilities to save money by retiring plants, invest in in solar or wind farms, and ease the impact on displaced workers and local government budgets

Uday Varadarajan , Principal
Climate Policy Initiative / San Francisco, CA

Perspectives on cost recovery for stranded costs from prematurely closing coal plants and the most appropriate ratemaking treatment

Jeffrey D. Goltz, Esq.
Cascadia Law Group / Olympia, WA

5:00 pm

Continue the Exchange of Ideas: Reception for Faculty and Attendees

Sponsored by Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Marten Law PLLC

Agenda Day 2

Friday, August 04, 2017

8:30 am

Price Signals and the Resource Value of Solar

Utility cost recovery options as market penetration grows for rooftop and community scale solar: At what point does net metering become no longer viable? What is the best approach for determining the resource value of solar?

Elaine R. Albrich, Esq. , Moderator
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP / Portland, OR

Robert Del Mar , Senior Policy Analyst
Oregon Department of Energy / Salem, OR

Jeff Bissonnette , Executive Director
OSEIA / Portland, OR

Michael O'Brien, Ph.D. , Energy Policy Analyst
Renewable Northwest / Portland, OR

Etta P. Lockey, Esq. , Senior Counsel
PacifiCorp / Portland, OR

Tyler C. Pepple, Esq.
Davison Van Cleve / Portland, OR

10:30 am


10:45 am

Short and Long Term Approaches to Meeting Oregon's Goals for Electrification of Transportation

Update on the Oregon pilot programs by Portland General Electric and Pacific Power

Brendan J. McCarthy, Esq. , State Affairs Specialist
Portland General Electric / Portland, OR

Progress on development of a long-term strategy: Players, proposals, and primary issues to be resolved

Jeanette Shaw , Director of Government Relations
Drive Oregon / Portland, OR

Ratemaking considerations from a ratepayer advocate's perspective

Michael P. Goetz, Esq. , Staff Attorney
Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon / Portland, OR

12:15 pm

Lunch (on your own)

1:30 pm

Reliability Considerations for Increased Reliance on Intermittent Renewables

Update on California's mandated storage requirements, progress towards implementation, and resulting insights into the circumstances where storage makes the most sense

John A. McKinsey, Esq.
LeClairRyan / Sacramento, CA

Progress towards expansion of regional markets and grid operations so that intermittent renewables, in the aggregate, can take on more of the characteristics of base load resources

Sarah E. Edmonds, Esq. , Vice President & General Counsel
PacifiCorp Transmission / Portland, OR

Energy efficiency, demand response, and the Smart Grid: What is being proposed and how do we handle cost recovery?

William Henry Holmes, Esq.
K&L Gates LLP / Portland, OR

3:30 pm

Evaluations and Adjourn

Faculty Bios

Richard H. Allan, Richard H. Allan, Program Co-Chair, is the managing partner for the Portland office of Marten Law PLLC. He represents developers in the acquisition, siting, expansion and operation of major projects, with an emphasis on energy facilities.

Derek D. Green, Derek D. Green, Program Co-Chair, Counsel at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, represents renewable energy clients in litigation as well as contested case proceedings, and advises clients on renewable energy project development and regulatory compliance matters.

Elaine R. Albrich, Moderator, is a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP. She focuses her practice on permitting and regulatory solutions for energy facility developers and traditional urban and rural land use projects.

Jeff Bissonnette is the Executive Director of OSEIA. Previously, he was organizing director for the Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon, where he directed the legislative advocacy programs including creation of Oregon's Renewable Energy Standard.

Meredith Connolly is the Oregon Policy Manager for Climate Solutions. In that role, she develops, advocates for and implements clean energy and climate change policies and programs to accelerate Oregon's transition to a clean energy, low-carbon economy. Prior to joining Climate Solutions, she was a Climate and Energy Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Robert Del Mar is a Senior Policy Analyst for the Oregon Department of Energy. He serves as the solar technical lead and is responsible for analysis and implementation of renewable energy policies.

Sarah E. Edmonds is Vice President and General Counsel at PacifiCorp Transmission. Previously, she served as Director, Transmission, and Legal Counsel at PacifiCorp.

Michael Goetz is Michael Goetz is a staff attorney for Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon. He works on energy and telecommunications law and policy on behalf of residential Oregonians in legal proceedings before the Oregon Public Utility Commission, state, and federal courts.

Jeffrey D. Goltz is of counsel at Cascadia Law Group PLLC, where he focuses on energy, telecommunications and state and regulatory matters. Previously he chaired the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

William H. Holmes, p William H. Holmes, p artner, K&L Gates LLP, focuses on energy and infrastructure projects and transactions with an emphasis on wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal, biomass, natural gas, carbon offsets, and energy storage. He advises clients in negotiating major power purchase agreements, acquisition and sale of energy projects.

Etta P. Lockey, Etta P. Lockey, Senior Counsel at PacifiCorp, focuses her practice on creating and implementing policy related to renewable energy, customer generation of energy, and emissions reductions.

Brendan J. McCarthy, State Affairs Specialist, Portland General Electric, contributed significant work towards the adoption and revision of the Oregon Renewable Energy Standard.

John A. McKinsey, partner, LeClairRyan, represents energy and industrial clients, and serves as lead counsel for siting major power projects, compliance and regulatory matters, facility development and operation.

Steve Michel is Chief Counsel, Clean Energy Program at Western Resource Advocates. He focuses on developing regulatory mechanisms for electric utilities to address climate change. Previously he was General Counsel for New Mexico Industrial Energy Consumers and a New Mexico Assistant Attorney General representing residential utility customers.

Pamela Morgan is President and Principal Consultant Graceful Systems. She is a former attorney for and senior executive for Portland General Electric Company. Before that she worked for a law firm representing industrial customers.

Michael O'Brien, Energ y Policy Analyst, Renewable Northwest, analyzes renewable energy and siting policy and supports solar policy development in the Pacific Northwest. He is also currently serving as an Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Previously, he served in the House of Commons advising Members of Parliament on energy and climate policy in the UK.

Julie Peacock Julie Peacock is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Oregon Public Utility Commission. She works on the implementation of SB 1547 (2016) which includes Community Solar and Transportation Electrification programs. She also acts as the lead staff on the Western Public Utility Commissionsí Joint Framework on Climate Change.

Tyler C. Pepple, shareholder, Davison Van Cleve, represents clients in administrative proceedings and appellate litigation related to energy and environmental issues. He is a registered lobbyist, representing business interests in energy-related legislative matters, and serves as general counsel to the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Eric Redman, Senior Policy Advisor for Energy & Climate at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, focuses on the electric power sector and environmental regulation, including the oil and natural gas sectors. Currently CEO of Thunderbolt Clean Energy, an energy and climate consulting firm, he is the former CEO of Summit Power Group.

Jeanette Shaw, Director of Government Relations, Drive Oregon, assists new economy companies and state and local governments to account for and strategically navigate regulatory risks to ensure continued innovation, growth, & investment. Previously, she was responsible for broad-based strategic leadership, planning and the administration of boards, committees and respective constituencies.

Uday Varadarajan is a Principal in the Climate Policy Initiative's Energy Finance program. He focuses on strategic analysis of clean energy policy, finance, and business structures. Prior to joining CPI, Uday was a program examiner in the U.S. White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Mary M. Wiencke is Director of Environmental Strategy and Policy for PacifiCorp. She is responsible for the development of PacifiCorp's environmental policy, strategy, and programs.