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An Advanced Two-Day Conference on

Privacy Policy Development and Implementation

Practical tips for achieving both legal compliance and business objectives

September 21 & 22, 2017

Atlanta, GA
(or anyplace you may be via webcast!)

Atlanta - GA


What to Look Forward to

~ Implications of the enactment of legislation to overturn the Obama-era FCC privacy rules

~ Other new developments in U.S. privacy laws

~ What to expect from the FTC and FCC under the Trump Administration

~ Ability of states to take on a greater role in privacy protection

~ Class Actions as an alternative to regulatory enforcement

~ New developments in foreign Privacy Laws

~ Privacy litigation: Jurisdictional and choice of forum considerations

~ Drafting workshop: Privacy policies for vendor contracts

~ Drafting workshop: Privacy policies for consumers and customers

~ Related issues in legal ethics

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Faculty Bios

Walt Sapronov, Walt Sapronov, partner, Sapronov & Associates, P.C., represents enterprises, investors, and service providers in telecommunications transactions, regulation and privacy matters including wireless and fiber infrastructure contracts.

Phyllis Sumner, P Phyllis Sumner, P rogram Co-Chair, partner in the Business Litigation Practice Group and the firmís Chief Privacy Officer, King & Spalding, leads the Firmís Data, Privacy & Security practice. She counsels corporate boards, senior executives and other clients on data breach prevention, emergency response, remediation, compliance, regulatory enforcement, internal corporate investigations and other data security issues of critical concern to leading companies worldwide.

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