John L. Scadding, Program Chair, joined Wilk & Associates, Inc. following his service at the CPUC, where he was Chief of Staff to Commission President Dick Bilas, and a key advisor in the design and implementation of the Commission's landmark electric industry restructuring policies.

Arthur O'Donnell, Program Chair, is founding editor and associate publisher of California Energy Markets, an independent weekly newsletter covering the energy business in California and the US Southwest.

P. Gregory Conlon, Luncheon Address, is Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission and serves as Governor Wilson's appointee on the California Transportation Commission.

Jessie J. Knight, Jr., Special Address, is Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission, and previously served as Executive Vice President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

William J. Keese, Special Address, is Chairman of the California Energy Commission and brings to the Commission twentyfive years of legal experience in the energy field.

Barbara Barkovich represents the California Large Energy Consumers Association (CLECA).

Jeff Dasovich is Director for State Government Affairs, ENRON Corporation.

Bill Dombrowski is President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Retailers Association, one of the leading representatives of the commercial class customers in the electric utility debate, advocating customer choice before the CPUC and the State Legislature.

Michel Peter Florio is the Senior Attorney for The Utility Reform Network (TURN), a non profit utility consumer advocacy organization, where he is responsible for all legal advocacy work.

William F. Hall, III is Vice President and General Manager, Western Region, Duke Energy Power Services, LLC.

Becky A. Kilbourne is Director of Market Services for the California Power Exchange. Ms. Kilbourne has over twenty years of experience in the electric utility industry.

Robert J. Michaels is Professor of Economics at California State University, Fullerton, and Se nior Advisor to Hagler Baily of Arlington, Virginia, international consultants in energy economics and finance.

The Hon. Steve Peace represents District 40 in the California State Senate and chairs the Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee.

Joe Bob Perkins is President and Chief Operating Officer of Houston Industries Power Genera tion Group and is responsible for all of its power generation activities and assets.

William L. Reed is Vice President and Chief Regulatory Officer for Sempra Energy, a Fortune 500 energy services holding company formed in 1998 whose subsidiaries provide electricity, natu ral gas and valueadded products and services.

Erik Saltmarsh is Chief Counsel to the California Electricity Oversight Board and has represented the State of California throughout the implementation of California's electricity restructuring.

Christopher J. Warner is Chief Counsel, Regulatory and Corporate, Pacific Gas and Electric.

Henry Weissmann is a partner in the Los Angeles firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson, LLP. He has expertise in matters involving the California Public Utilities Commission and civil litigation with emphasis in appellate matters.

V. John White is Executive Director for the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Tech nologies (CEERT), a nonprofit environmental/public interest organization that advocates invest- ments in sustainable energy.

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