James Baller, Program Co-Chair, is founder of The Baller Herbst Law Group that specializes in representing local governments and public power utilities in telecommunications, cable television, high-speed data communications, Internet access, wireless telecommunications, right-of-way management, pole and conduit attachments, and barriers to public-sector entry.

Nicholas P. Miller, Program Co-Chair, of Miller & Van Eaton PLLC served as the U.S. Senate Communications Counsel and as a special consultant to the White House on telephone deregulation. Mr. Miller advises local governments and international multilateral agencies on cable television and telecommunications issues.

Marilyn Praisner, Welcome Address, is nationally known for her expertise in local government telecommunications issues. As vice-chair of the FCC's Local and State Government Advisory Committee, she is a leader of local governments in day-to-day relations with the FCC. As a long-time member of the Montgomery County, Maryland, County Council, Ms. Praisner has been instrumental in providing funding and oversight to that jurisdiction's roll-out of a County-wide fiber optic communications network for government and school use.

Scott C. Cleland, Keynote Address, is the Chief Executive Officer of The Precursor Group. Mr. Cleland is widely respected as one of the nation’s top telecom strategists and considered “one of the thought leaders” in telecom.

Jeffrey Blank is Supervisor of Networking for the Allegany County Public Schools and Sr. Network Engineer for AllCoNet, specializing in designing, installing and operating high-speed WAN using fiber, leased lines, licensed and unlicensed wireless spectrums, for schools, airports and municipal governments.

Douglas G. Bonner is Chairman of the Telecommunications Department of LeBoeuf Lamb, Greene & MacRae, LLP. Mr. Bonner represents telecommunications carriers in regulatory and litigation matters. Mr. Bonner represents clients before the FCC and throughout the U.S.

Douglas A. Dawson is President and CTO with CCG Consulting, Inc. CCG assists CLEC’s, ILEC’s, IXC’s, ISP’s, CATV’s, municipalities and large entities with strategic planning, financial business plans, operational implementation, engineering, regulatory, costing and pricing.

Michelle C. Farquhar is a partner at Hogan & Hartson LLP. Ms. Farquhar practices commercial, private wireless and mass media regulation. Before joining Hogan & Hartson she served as Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau at the FCC.

James R. Hobson, Of Counsel with Miller & Van Eaton, PLLC, has over 28 years in cable television and other forms of communications as an FCC official, corporation lawyer and private legal practitioner.

Nancy Jesuale is Director, Bureau of Communications and Networking (ComNet), City of Portland, Oregon. She is also President of NetCity Engineering Inc., a design and engineering practice for local government networking specializing in public safety infrastructure and broadband fiber networks for voice, data, and CLEC applications.

Jim Kelley is Vice President of Operations BVU/OptiNet, Bristol Virginia Utilities. Mr. Kelley oversees the design, installation and operation of a network that includes a carrier-grade Metro Area Network with separate commercial and residential access networks.

Ronald H. Lunt is Director of Broadband Services for the American Public Power Association; focusing on assessing and developing new broadband business opportunities.

Christopher A. McLean, Vice President of National Strategies, Inc., formerly served as the Administrator of Rural Utilities Service, of Agriculture. During his tenure, Mr. McLean championed broadband deployment, new and renewable energy technologies and universal service.

Alisoun K. Moore is CIO for Montgomery County Maryland. Ms. Moore oversees the high-speed optical network and the expansion of the County’s electronic government services through eMontgomery.

Brenda A. Neidigh is Program Director, eCorridors at Virginia Technical Institute and State University. Ms. Neidigh is facilitating the deployment of advanced broadband network infrastructure and applications leveraging inter-regional connectivity for communities.

Timothy E. Nulty is Director of the Telecom Project for the City of Burlington, Vermont which is building a broadband network. Dr. Nulty is Senior Advisor to the CFO, US Department of Energy (DOE) and was Deputy CEO & CFO, Office of River Protection, DOE.

Douglas Power is Project Director of CivicNet of Chicago, a public/private initiative of the Mayor’s Council of Technology Advisors to implement high performance communications throughout the city. Previously Mr. Power was Director of Telecommunications for the City of Chicago.

Mitchell Rapaport is partner in Public Finance with Nixon Peabody after several years with the Department of the Treasury, Office of Tax Policy. During his time at the Treasury, Mr. Rapaport assisted indrafting the private-activity bond regulations, the arbitrage regulations, and the rules relating to changes of use of bond-financed facilities and management contracts.

Gary I. Resnick, Shareholder with Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza & Guedes, P.A., chairs the firm’s Communications Practice. Mr. Resnick represents local governments and private entities in communications and governmental law. Previously he was Director, Law and Public Policy, Continental Cablevision and MediaOne.

James H. Salter, Founder and CEO of Atlantic Engineering Group, a design and build firm specializing in municipal utility telecommunications projects. Mr. Salter serves as Past President and is on the Board of Directors of the Fiber to the Home Council.

David J. Shaw is General Counsel to the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (“UTOPIA”). Mr. Shaw negotiates transactions and oversees legal matters related to the planning and implementation of a municipally owned wholesale network connecting homes and businesses in seventeen Utah cities.

Sean A. Stokes is a principal of The Baller Herbst Law Group. He works with multi-disciplinary teams of legal and technical experts, assisting local governments and utilities in making comprehensive telecommunications and cable plans.

Edmond J. Thomas is the Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology for the FCC. Formerly Mr. Thomas was CEO of a subsidiary of Philips Electronics and held several senior positions with AT&T and Bell Atlantic/NYNEX.

Allen P. Todd is Director of Utilities for City of Manassas, Virginia. Mr. Todd has been involved in numerous utility project “firsts” throughout his 31 year career.

Jane Wallison Stein is a partner with Pillsbury Winthrop LLP where her practice includes corporate and securities law, with concentration in project finance and energy and resource recovery projects.

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