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Tax Issues for Cloud-Based Services
The Future of Cloud Taxation is Now: What Every Provider of Cloud-Based Solutions Needs to Know

January 16, 2013

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Attorneys; CPAs and sales tax professionals; business executives in the Cloud Computing, Telecommunications/VoIP, and venture capital industries; business consultants; and anyone involved in providing cloud-based services.

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Businesses are increasingly turning to the proverbial "Cloud" to address their technology, communication and collaboration needs. The benefits of cloud-based solutions are well documented -- but what about the associated taxes and regulations?

With states and local governments facing large budget shortfalls, pressure is mounting to find new tax revenue. While state taxing statutes have traditionally failed to keep pace with technological developments, a number of states have their eyes on potential revenue that can be tapped by taxing cloud-based services, either through rulemakings involving the current statutory scheme or through the implementation of legislation specifically targeting cloud-based services.

In this one-hour TeleBriefing, our distinguished panel of attorneys and tax professionals will provide practical guidance for navigating cloud-based enterprises through this increasingly complex and dangerous tax and regulatory landscape. The panelists will address the fragmented -- and at times perplexing -- transaction tax and regulatory issues confronting both providers and consumers of two types of cloud-based services: Software as a Service ("SaaS") and Cloud Communications (or Hosted PBX). Although the program will focus on these two variants, the taxation issues and consequences addressed will be applicable to other cloud-based solutions as well.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10:00 am

Tax Issues for Cloud-Based Services

Introduction and overview; unique federal and state regulatory compliance and fee considerations of Cloud Communications; the effects of the FCC's Carrier's Carrier Rule

Jonathan S. Marashlian, Esq., Managing Partner, Moderator
Marashlian & Donahue, LLC / McLean, VA

"Nuts and bolts" of tax and fee compliance; registration, reporting and remittance; prior period exposure and risk mitigation; benefits of outsourcing compliance

Robert Dumas, CPA, Managing Partner & Founder
TaxConnex / Roswell, GA

Coming to terms with the concept of "nexus" and doing business in the "Cloud"; how to navigate the complex patchwork of jurisdictionally diverse nexus rules; Amazon laws

Allison D. Rule, Esq., Senior Associate
Marashlian & Donahue, LLC / McLean, VA

11:00 am

Q & A (for up to 30 minutes)



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Our Distinguished Panel

Jonathan S. Marashlian, managing partner and head of the Regulatory and Communications Taxes and Fees Practices at Marashlian & Donahue, LLC, is legal counsel to the Telecommunications, Voice over IP (VoIP)/SIP, Cloud Communications and Broadband industries and is experienced in virtually all aspects of federal and state communications law and regulation. Mr. Marashlian has applied his extensive knowledge of the telecommunications and information & advanced communication technology industries to assist clients with regulatory compliance, transactional, litigation & regulatory defense matters before the FCC and other federal agencies, as well as state regulatory agencies across the nation. He counsels clients in all aspects of state and federal regulatory matters as well as the impact regulation and operating in an incumbent dominated industry have on competitive businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established providers.

Robert Dumas, managing partner and founder of TaxConnex, is an accountant, consultant and entrepreneur providing sales and use tax outsourcing services, advice, education, research, referral and connection. Previously he was with Arthur Young & Co., BellSouth Corporation and founded Tax Partners. Mr. Dumas is a nationally recognized expert on telecommunications taxation and a frequent speaker on the subjects of transaction tax, business process outsourcing and sales tax compliance.

Allison D. Rule, Senior Associate, head of Dispute Resolution and Litigation Practice Group and co-chair in Communications Taxes and Fee Practice at Marashlian & Donahue, LLC, represents corporate clients and individuals in arbitration proceedings, state and federal court proceedings, and state and federal administrative adjudications. Ms. Rule has substantial expertise in the taxation and regulatory treatment of evolving and advanced communications services, including cloud-based services and IP-enabled services. She has assisted numerous VoIP providers in understanding the complexities of state taxation of communications services and in complying with ever-changing state and federal regulatory requirements.